Products & Services

From single bags of seed to full year on year maintenance plans, here at Total Sports Ground Solutions we can offer it all. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss a tailor made package to best suit the requirements of your sports turf.

Drill and Fill

Our Drill and Fill machine is great for golf greens and tee boxes, it can also be used for any badly draining areas such as rugby and football pitches. The process relives compaction on your heavily walked and machined fine turf, solving issues such as slow drainage, black layer, thatch, toxic gas build up and poor grass growth by improving air flow and root depth. The Drill and Fill machine will drill down up to 12” on a 7.5” centre and back fill with a sand/loam mixture; made to match your soil make up. The light footprint of the machine and carbide tipped drill bits folding back the turf on entry; ensuring your course can be ready to play on – almost immediately after the work is completed.

Deep Drill

This process is ideal for Cricket squares and Tennis courts, it will alleviate pressure and compaction on these heavily trodden surfaces. By drilling up to 10” deep on 5” centres you are penetrating hard pans below the surface and promoting healthy root growth; knitting together all existing loam layers resulting in healthier and thicker grass coverage.


Full spraying services including supply of the chemicals specially selected for your individual needs by our highly trained and licenced staff – at very competitive prices. Our experienced machine operators will come in to complete the work at a time to suit your maintenance timetable.


A fantastic way to aerate and improve drainage on your cricket outfield, rugby, football or lacrosse pitch. The purpose of Verti-draining is to allow oxygen into the root system and to provide a conduit for surface water to the drains. Even if an existing drainage system is not present, there will still be considerable benefit in opening up and de-compacting the soil structure. Our Verti-drainer can reach up to 10” deep with solid tines, enabling a healthier root growth, therefore, holding your pitches together, reducing standing water and boggy conditions. The process also significantly reduces the probability of games being called off due to prolonged heavy rain.

Scarification, Seeding and Top Dressing

As your playing season comes to an end, ensure that it will come back better and stronger the following year. Total Sports Ground Solutions can offer the full end of season work package; with multi directional scarification – taking all the thatch layer and dead matter from the surface. Our dimple seeder then ensures a good even coverage of seed and finally, we can top dress using a loam matching your existing soil make up. We supply all seeds, loams and machinery – making it a much easier process for you; from start to finish.

Seeds, Loams, Fertiliser and Sands

We offer a broad product range to suit all needs and budgets, leveraging our years of practical experience in agronomy. We are keen to be at the forefront of product innovation; we will keep you up to date with the legislation on chemicals; ensuring that all of the products that we offer you are in line in with current regulations.

Air Injection

Our Air2G2 uses three probes to laterally inject pressurized air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil to fracture the compacted layers underneath your heavily trodden and machined areas. Your profile is left healthy, firm and ready for play immediately after treatment. Air injection relieves compaction, Increases porosity, promotes faster drainage and healthier root growth and allows oxygen into the profile.


Experienced consultancy and training services for ground staff. Using our years of experience we will asses your sports surface and produce a full site report and a recommended scope of works to get the best results from your facilities. Our agronomists can suggest fertilizers seeds and tonics to enable healthy and sustainable growth all year round. We can also produce bespoke training programs for your volunteer ground staff covering every aspect of usual operations.